Latest Updates


10.10.2018      4 sp added to Nendo(Santa Cruz), 1 sp added to Vella Lavella, 3 sp added to Ranongga, These as well as New Georgia, Gizo, & Guadalcanal updated,

5.3.2018          44 new species added to Daru from J. Jobe who spent a year there.

15.9.2017        9 new sp to Gaua, 7 to Valua (Vanuatu) and 7 to Santa Isabel (Solomon Islands).

13.9.2017        Kitava Isl added to PNG, Bougainville in PNG Choiseul & Sikopo in Solomons updated.

15.8.2017        5 sp added to Disappointment (Taumako ) Island, 3 sp added to Vanikolo and 2 sp to Tanna.

6.7.2017          New birds added to: Basilaki, BiPi, Dugumenu, Gawa, New Guinea.

9.8.2015          5 new Islands added to Indonesia (Babi, Enu, Karang, Komolom & Mariri) and 11 new species added to Aru, & 6 to Biak (all Indonesia).

5.8.2015          27 new islands added to Indonesia, or substantive species added to them.

15.7.2015        4 new islands to PNG: Budelun, Eyon, Minalai, Schumann. New Species added to 5 PNG Islands: Big Malo, Karkar, Kimbe, Restorf & Tench: 3 Solomon Isls: Fara, Hakeleke & Kerehikapo: 2 NC islands: Lifou & Surprise. There are also updates to New Ireland & Rennel.

9.7.2015          6 new islands to Indonesia: Gam, ? unknown, Kri, Paluwai, Senapong, & Wundi. New species added to Salawati, Senapang, & Biak. 1 new island to PNG: Pahi, and new species added to Hauwei, & Mussau.

1.7.2015          New species added toVanuatuan island: Tongoa, Iririki, Erakor, Tanna, Uripiv, Malekula, Santo, Gaua & Vanua Lava. Additional sightings to Efate & Malo. MotoLava & Valua merged as they are same island, as also Mai & Emae, Thion & Dolphin. New species to Choiseul (Solomons).

19.6.2015        New Island in Solomons: Mbokonimbeti. New data added to Florida, Nendo, Rennell & Tulagi. Species added to Lihir in PNG., Ambrym in Vanuatu.

18.6.2015        New Islands to PNG: Ali, BiPi, Cannac, Limalam. Panamoti, Ubulak, Unknown, Additions to PNG islands: Duchess, East, Hastings, Koil, Karkar, Mussau, Nissan, Yamba, Yanaba.

6.6.2015          more species added to Tetipari.

5.6.2015 Species added to Tetipari, and updates to Kulambangra, both in the Solomons.

10.1.2015        9 species added to Vanua Lava, updates to Santo & new island Sakao added to Vanuatu.

3.8.2014          10 species added to Manus, 3 to Rara, in PNG; 1 added to Kulambangra in the Solomons. New lists started for Ndrilo, Entrance, Pigeon (Woodlark) in PNG & Radio in NC.

4.4.2014          3 species added to Ouvea, 8 sp to Surprise, 7 to BŽlep, 1 to Pileni, 2 to Nepani, 1 to Lomlom, 1 to Rennell, 1 to Ile des Pins, 1 to Gizo, : Updated sightings Nendo, Grande Terre, New islands in the Solomons = Nukapu, Sand, Leili, Baruku, Uepi, Sulei, & Hakelake.

25.3.2014        1 species added to Bellona, 3 to Rennell and 14 to Yanuta: all in the Solomons.

28.2.2014        2 new species for Santo, 4 for Efate and update for Ambrym: all in Vanuatu. Coconut Lory added to Ron, Umboi, Masahet & Boang, 2 sp added to Pororan (PNG) and Fara (Sol) while 3 sp added to Bates (Sol).

29.1.2014        49 species added to Kofiau in Indonesia.

31.10.2013      27 species added to the Kai Islands list Indonesia.

2.10.2013        Species added to Iles Des Pins, OuvŽa, (NC) Tuluman & Vokeo (PNG) with updates to Lifou & Grande Terre (NC). New Islands = Mal, Niakuni, & Poy-Yai, (PNG).

30.8.2013        More Ducks arrive at PAU.

12.8.2013        Rare pigeon & duck for PAU, 5 birds for Kaheu Islet, (PNG) 1 for Brush, Moro & Nokanhui, (N. Cal), new sp for Vangunu and new island Mangalonga (Solomons)

3.8.2013          5 sp added to Anuda & 7 to Tikopia, New notes to Nendo (All Solomon Isles)

11.4.2013        Freshly dead specimen of NB Masked Owl found yesterday at Walindi.

26.11.2012      2 new species added to Boigu, updates to New Georgia, New Guinea & PAU.

17.9.2012        Many new islands and species added to New Caledonia.

9.9.2012          2 new sp to Senapang, 10 to Batanta, 2 to Salawati, new sightings for Biak (All Indonesia).

5.9.2012          7new sp to Batanta, 20 to Salawati, 4 to Senapang, (all Indonesia) & many Splits acknowledged.

18.4.2012        4 new tern species added to Nauna (PNG).

17.4.2012        New species for Inyeug, Vella Lavella, Grande Terre, Isle des pines, Lifu and Ouvea, with updates to Efate, Guadalcanal, Bougainville, New Britain, & Mussau.

31.1.2012        New PNG islands added: Ahu, Amich, aris, Longan, Luf, Maron, Menam & Puhun.

10.11.2011      17 species added to Sorong, 49 new to Senapang, 24 new to Salawati, & 14 to Batanta Isl.

7.11.2011        1 species (Straw-necked Ibis) added to PAU and several duck updates.

3.11.2011        9 species added to Biak Island.

2.11.2011        7 species added to OuvŽa, 3 species added to Lifou, new sightings added to Grande Terre.

7.10.2011        New islands added to PNG: Bugulum, Budaduna & Lilius in Laughlan Atoll. New records: Kermadec Petrel to NB, Tropical Shearwater to NI, PycroftÕs Petrel to NG, Long-tailed Skua to Mussau, New Britain, New Guinea & Rossel, South Polar Skua to NG & Bam,

13.9.2011        Some recent observations of rare or uncommon birds on New Guinea by Dion Hobcroft.

29.8.2011 New Island: Amutu Besar, Indonesia, and new info for W Papua N.G. & Sorong (Indon).

22.5.2011        New Islands: Boiboiwaga, Noduwa,  Updated lists: Duchess, Loloata, Long, LosNegros, NewBritain, Normanby, Vuatom.  All in P.N.G.

4.2.2011          Species added to Santa Isabel, Kulambangra, Gizo, Ranongga & Fera; Updates to Guadalcanal, Malaita, Makira, Rennell, Vella Lavella; all in the Solomons.

11.1.2011        New Islands: Banban, Boang, Lunn, Narega, Pocklington, New Seabirds added to: Anchorite, Blupblup, Buka, Crown, Duke of York, Emira, Feni, Kanawea, Karkar, Mahur, Manus, Mussau, New Britain, New Guinea, New Ireland, Nuguria,

6.1.2011          Indonesia: Additional material to Biak, Salawati, New Island of Senapang. In PNG: Motupore, Nalualuali, & Witu updated. Solomon Islands: Kicha is updated.

23.12.2010      New info added to Batanta (Indonesia) & Kisha (Solomons).

17 Oct 2010 New Info on Solomon Islands From AMNH added new Islands: Tauro, Paramatta, & Basin, & new info to: Florida, Mono, Bougainville, Makira, Alu, Shortlands, Santa Isabel, Yanuta, Vella Lavella, Kulumbangra, Munia, Savo, Fauro, Choiseul, New Georgia, Rendova, Gizo, Ugi, Tulagi, Baga, Rennell, Ganonga, Santa Anna.

4 Oct 2010 New PNG islands: Bagaman, Butchart, Dawson, Good, Itamarina, Kanawea, Kegawam, Kwaraiwa, Nalualuali, Nare, Rara (Redlick), Tewa Tewa; additions to Anagusa, Tubatuba. Island lists also updated.

22 Sep 2010 PNG islands of Bambanga, Bentley, Bonarua, Bramble Haven, Kung, Laughlan, Patamu, & Wagifa, have been added.

15 Sep 2010 Australian Islands link now working, Nendo updated in Solomons, PAU list updated, Updates on New Guinea for Flightless Rail, Fly River Grassbird, WilsonÕs Storm Petrel, G Melampitta.

16 May 2010 New Islands & new Info added: Solomons: Ban, Banga, Banika, Bellona, Gatukai, Gizo, Guadalcanal, JF Kennedy, Makira, Malaita, Matikuri, New Georgia, Pavuvu, Rendova, Rennell, Russell Grp, Santa Isabel, Three Sisters, Vonavona, Vanuatu: Aneitium, Aniwa, Tanna, New Caledonia: Amedee, Chesterfield, Cocotier, Double, Grande Terre, Huon, Ile des Pins, Lifou, Longue, Maitre, Mare, Ouvea, Pouh, Signal, PNG: Anusagaru, Baluan, Balum, Bambanga, Big Malo Malo, Bonarua, Bougainville, Buka, Feni, Hauwei, Laughlan Atoll, Lihir, Mandrin, Manus, New Britain, New Guinea, New Ireland, Patamu, Restorf, Tench, Tong, Vuatom. Indonesia: Biak.

13 Apr 2010 Update to Buka, from Andy Andersons trip in 1999.

4 Feb 2010 Vanuatu Petrel updates to Mere Lava & Vanua Lava, Banks Group, Vanuatu.

24 Dec 2009 Update to Choiseul, Ramos (Solomons) & Matupit, (PNG).

3 July 2009 Update to Matupit Island, PNG,

14 May 2009 18 sp from Gyldenstolpe (1955) added to Pulu Adi in Indonesia.

8 Apr 2009 5 sp added to Saibai and 6 to Dauan & Boigu updated from R. Baxter & M. Carter trip in Feb.

7 Apr 2009 7 endemics added to Kai, Indonesia + others thanks to 2yrs work there by Sebastian Hšgberg.

11 Dec 2008 Major updates to Australian islands, but having trouble uploading them. New e-mail address

placed on all pages:  for anyone wanting to supply data etc.

7 Nov 2008 Minor updates to 36 PNG 12 Solomon & 4 Vanuatuan islands.

5 Nov 2008 Major updates to Australian islands: Boigu, Darnley, Dauan, Saibai, Umaga & Warraber.

21 Oct 2008 Island List Updated, as well as Beautemps-BeauprŽ, L’fou, MarŽ. OuvŽa, & Tiga.

20 Oct 2008 Much new material to New Caledonia & island list.

15 Oct 2008 New Material added to Alternative Bird & Island Names, New Caledonia: Grande Terre, Lifou,

                        Mare, Ouen, Ouvea, & Isle des Pins. PAU file has been updated by a 5 week visit.

14 Oct 2008 New material added to Vanuatu: Aneityum, Ambae, Aniwa, Efate, Gaua, Maewo, Mai,

Malekula, Pentecost, Santo, Tanna, Tongoa, Valua, Vanua Lava,

15 May 2008 C&B name changes applied to Indonesian Islands and new species added to following

Indonesian Islands: Ajoe, Arar, Kamoa, Kofiau, Kumbur, Misool, Nutubari, Sarmi, Schildpad,

Waigeo. Also additions to Nuguria, Djaul, Tanna, New Georgia and Grand Terre.

6 May 2008 C&B name changes applied to PNG and Australian islands, Several broken links fixed.

4 May 2008 Tree Swifts & Swift updates from Salomonsen added to 18 Solomon islands. C&B 2008 applied

to all Vanuatu and New Caledonian islands.

3 May 2008 10+ species added to Batanta Island,

1 May 2008 New generic and specific names from Christidis & Boles applied to all Solomon Island files.

Some common names also changed in line with C&B 2008 or where there is no conflicting use overseas

widely-used South Pacific names have been maintained.

18 Apr 2008 New Names and Family order adopted from Christidis & Boles (2008) for two files: Alternative

bird names and the Island lists. Within Families and Genera alphabetical listing has been used to help

locate desires species. I do not know when I will apply these changes to the lists for each island. Small

changes have been made to 28 islands.

6 Apr 2008 New islands added: Indonesia Tayandu & W Papuan Islands, Png Anabat, Bau, Big Malu Malu,

Kai, Loraine, Matupit, Palikuru, Pig, Rara, Restorf, Timor, Solomons Fatura, Mbava, Oema, & Buma,

4 Apr 2008 uncertainties and generalisations deleted from all Vanuatu bird lists.

3 Apr 2008 uncertainties and generalisations all deleted from Indonesian islands.

12 Mar 2008 Solomon Islands: Alu – Santa Isabel (incl Santa Cruz) generalisations deleted errors fixed.

9 Mar 2008 PNG islands Manus – Zeune, generalisations deleted 1 or 2 corrections made.

3 Mar 2008 PNG islands Kairiru – Manus generalisations deleted.

14 Feb 2008 All Australian islands updated.

21 Jan 2008 ŅsspÓ added & generalisations deleted for PNG: Aion to Emira + Fergusson, Hauwei, Kimbe, NB,

NG, NH, NI, Normanby, Pig, Restorf & Timor. Satellite tracking of two Pomarine Skuas from Alaska

by D. Troy have provided interesting additions to about 15 islands in PNG & the Solomons.

7 Jan 2008 ssp added for Land & fw birds and Mayr & DiamondÕs generalisations deleted (ie where they say

most New Georgia Group without specifying particular islands I have deleted all entries for that species

for islands in the New Georgia Group – as sourced from that author) for: SOLOMONS: Bagga, Banika, Bellona, Borokua, Gatukai,

Gower, Guadalcanal, Kohingo, Kulambangra, Makira, Malaita, Mono, New Georgia, Ontong Java,

Pavuvu, Ramos, Ranongga, Rendova, Rennell, Santa Anna, Santa Catalina, Savo, Sikaiana, Simbo,

Tetepari, Three Sisters, Ugi, Ulawa, Vangunu, Vella Lavella, Vona Vona, PNG: Buka, Bougainville,

Nissan, Nukumanu, Nuguria, & Taku,

30 Dec 2007 Subspecies added to Shortlands, Fauro, Choiseul, Santa Isabel, Florida, Buena Vista, & Makira,

28 Dec 2007 Updates to Fantails, Monarch-Flycatchers, Cisticolas, Old World Warblers, Whistlers,

Australasian Robins, & Thornbills, from HBW Vols 11 & 12.

23 Nov 2007 Updates to Grand Terre, (OuvŽa, & L’fou, sorry Word & html !!!) Ouvea & Lifou

7 Nov 2007 Major additions to Boigu, Dauan, & Saibai Islands (Aus). Minor correction to NI (PNG).

1 Nov 2007 Additions & corrections to all countries + The creation of Island Checklists for 977 species.

            {Sorry this latter is too large to fit & I cannot get in contact with server owner (Host Matters)

or get their system to buy more disc space to work!!!!}